Tenant Screening

Tenant Screening

It is very important to match the right person to the right home. That person will fit the criteria established and will have a good credit history, a reliable employment history with adequate income confirmed, a satisfactory rental history verification, will pass a criminal history inquiry, as well as an eviction search with the court system. We take the time with each new resident to explain the benefits and responsibilities of leasing a home from us to ensure your property is cared for and maintained. We also provide you with protection through the use of proper lease agreements, deposit forms, late notices, and other legal documents.

Tenant prospects may contact Sulthar Properties via our website, yard signs, and from numerous other sources such as Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com, Hotpads and referral sources. Tenant prospects are tracked in specialized leasing software. We use AppFolio, a property management software, for our tenant screening process. All tenant prospects are pre-qualified to make sure the tenant needs match the rental homes prior to showings. Sulthar Properties uses an online rental application, and all applications must be completed through our website. The application fee must be paid online at our website. Sulthar Properties performs the following 5-point tenant screening process:

  1. Credit check - check FICO score - Sulthar Properties does a comprehensive credit check to ensure that the tenant is in a good position to pay their rent regularly.
  2. Criminal check - Sulthar Properties does a criminal history check to find out if there is any past criminal behavior demonstrated by the prospective tenant.
  3. Eviction record check - Sulthar Properties does an eviction record check to find out if there are any past evictions.
  4. Rental verification - Sulthar Properties checks the prospective tenant's rental payment history with current and past landlords before we allow them to lease your property.
  5. Income verification - Sulthar Properties verifies the current and past employment history and any other income verification, such as disability or social security income for the prospective tenant.

Upon rental application approval, the applicant must sign the lease and provide one full month's rent, or more, as a security deposit, as well as an administrative fee and any pet deposits to lease the property. Sulthar Properties uses the Texas Association of Realtor (TAR) lease and all addenda. Sulthar Properties uses DocuSign to sign documents online using electronic signatures.

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